About us

Online Action Sports was founded in 2011 in Sydney, Australia at the historic ‘Monster Skatepark’. The need for a quality e-commerce platform at the birth place of Action Sports in Australia was paramount.

The popularity of Monster Skatepark’s holiday camps and action sports development programs (iSkate Australia, Kick Scoot and Project FreeRide) required a personal yet sophisticated online shopping platform.

In May 2017, Monster Skatepark and the Online Action Sports team were devastated through the event of a fire, which forced the skatepark to close for an extended period of time. The demand for action sports development programs prevailed despite the loss of our facility, leading to the creation and success of the 'Mona Mondays' weekly skateboard coaching program.

The absence of a quality action sports facility in Sydney following the closure of Monster Skatepark was evident, and so the team from Monster devoted a huge amount of time and energy into developing a new action sports facility in a new location, thus leading to the opening of Warehouse 11 Indoor Skatepark in Artarmon, Sydney.

After a long and difficult journey, we were finally stoked to announce the re-opening of Monster Skatepark in December 2018. Since then, we have returned to the exceptional hosting of development programs at both facilities, as well as the hosting of Action Sports Holiday Day Camps, catering to the community's needs.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we have had to indefinitely close Warehouse 11 in Artarmon.
Today, we are pleased to offer action sports enthusiasts a trustworthy, reliable and fast online shopping experience, as well as our physical store locations at our action sports park - Monster Skatepark in Sydney Olympic Park.
We have a huge selection of quality action sports products while still maintaining our pedigree of exciting action sports programs presented by professionally accredited coaches. This is the online shopping portal for Monster Skate Park, iSkate Australia, Project Freeride and Kick.